Tuesday, June 3, 2008


9:00 AM

Libbey: Mommy, I'm D-U-N with my muffins. Thanks!
Me: D-U-N?
Libbey: Yes ma'am, that's how Daddy spells it. D-U-N.
Me: And that's how Mommy's been feeling for 5 days, you most precious child, you future Mrs. Libbey Romero (Threw that one in for Heather's benefit.), you future spelling bee champ.

And this from the child who, when I spelled "M-u-l-c-h" yesterday (so her little sister wouldn't catch on, as that child would eat a truckload of it if we'd let her), replied, "Why are you spelling mulch? That's not a bad word."

She kills me, this 6 year old of mine.

You know what else kills me? Waking this morning with both eyes completely matted and sealed shut with greenish gunk, half hardened and half still gooey. Let's pause now for the inevitable "Ewwwww." It was gross, indeed. Last time I rose like this, I do believe I was 5 years old, wearing my Shaun Cassidy nightgown in my Holly Hobbie bedroom. Da-doo-ron-ron.
Shaun Cassidy

This is all I've got for y'all. The persistent, hacking cough, the ever-running nose, the pounding headache and overall weariness have taken their toll. For those of you who've headed over to Lulaville by way of SITS, I apologize for giving you green goo and Tiger Beat circa 1977.

No...I take that back. This is me. Green Goo, former teen heart throbs, misspelled words and all. Love me, love my quirks. Please.


scargosun said...

Hello! I don't know how I haven't been here before either! I will have to read more to become more aquainted. :) Yea, I saw that GEORGE! had a site via Dooce. I follow him on Twitter but I guess it's technically stalking since I don't think he follows me. He he. Anyway, I'll be dropping my later to read more.

insane mama said...

Your daughter eats mulch? So much so that you have to spell the word m u l c h ? Seriously? That's way cool, and weird...
I think Shaun Cassidy was the first guy I ever french kissed (you know, his poster)
Feel better! I think I am getting some pink eye too!

Greg said...

I really do hope you get to feeling better, but I have a couple of questions. Isn't your husband a doctor? Cant he score you some good drugs? I would think you have the hook up. If he can't score you some good drugs, maybe someone from the area can? You keep saying drugs are a big industry in your parts. :)

If all else fails, light a candle, drinks some hot whiskey with sugar until you see two candles and then go to sleep. That's how we Irish folks do it.

Trish said...

Bummer about not feeling well!! I hope you get better soon!

It's a sad day as parents when you canl no longer spell speak in front of your children! Sad, sad, sad.

Get better....

Heather said...

You like to play with fire, don't you woman. That's okay...you can try but I'm telling you the dowry's already been paid.

I, too, had a Holly Hobby bedroom but no Shaun Cassidy nightgown. I was a nerdy child and wrote a letter to Barry Manilow asking him to marry me. Such a young, clueless child.

I'm so sorry about your pink eye. That's no fun!

Tausha said...

Found you through sits-i have seen your eyes around! Try some zycam, a book, some chocoalte and tell your children to go and watch a movie while you take a nap! I hope that you feel better! Sick SUcks! Watch a good chick flick-PS i Love you is fabulous!

Kelly said...

sorry about your gunky eyes. gwoss.

Kat said...

I'm so sorry that your disease is still rampaging. Did you know that peanut m&ms cure everything? Well...that and some eye drops. It's too bad we aren't neighbors, cause I could whip you up some strawberry shortcake, bring you said m&ms and watch "Weeds" with you...cause you know they say that "weed" has medicinal value :-)

Jennifer P. said...

Miss Lula,
I know we run in all the same blogging circles. Have I ever been here before? If not, why?!?!

I had that exact Shaun Cassidy album and loved the da-do-run-run song. There was also one on there called "That's Rock and Roll" ("well I was 16 and sick of school, I didn't know what I wanted to do...."). My sister was 10 years older than me so it was like I lived two teenagerhoods--one in the early 80's, the next in the early 90's. Thanks for the fun m-e-m-o-r-e-e-e-z! :)

Debbie said...

Lula...even with green gunk oozing from your eyes, you still managed to make me laugh out loud...and you know I love you not in spite of your quirks, but BECAUSE of your quirks. Glad to see you haven't forgotten us through the plague ;) Get better soon!

Mrs. Romero said...

Libby Romero.. I LOVE IT. Plus, she is totally cute and she can spell. (This one doesn't eat mulch right?)

I had the holly hobby bedspread in blue with the canopy...how jealous are you?

No Shaun Cassidy nightgown.. I had Kirk Cameron and River Pheonix plastering my walls!

I can't wait until we are in laws.. maybe they will have twins and we can name them Edward and Bella!

TentCamper said...

Ahhhh. Memories. You have brought me back in time to the sweet visions of my Bo Derek and Daisy Duke posters. Thank god for you! I've been in such a depressive , downward spiral since "My Shows" - Lost, Prison Break, House, 24, Crminal Minds, etc are all on breaks. Happiness is so hard to find these days. :)

Pinky Roth said...

Leigh, I hope you are feeling better...see ya soon...



Gina said...

Maybe the Green Goblin pooped in yur eyes?
I'm amazed that you can see to post!
Get better soon.

Talisman said...

AHHHH I hope it's not pink eye! *runs away*

(Hope you feel better soon!)

Carrie said...

When I was a pre-teen Gilligan's Island was on only once a week, Tuesday nights at 7:00 p.m.

Yeah, I am that old.