Sunday, June 15, 2008


Me: Libbey, what do you think Father's Day is all about?
Libbey: What do you want me to say? Something nice?
Me: Yeah, that would be nice, since we love your father and all. What should we do for Daddy since it's Father's day?
Libbey: Well, I would like to give Daddy a cake and a brand new watch, and I would like for him to spend time playing with me and Sister.
Me: But what does Daddy usually do on Sunday afternoons?
Libbey: He takes a nap.
Me: Should we let him take a nap instead of play with you two?
Libbey: Well, I'm sure I'll just take one with him. But not Sister. She has to sleep in her own bed.
Me: What do you love about your Daddy the most?
Libbey: Well...just that he's my Daddy.
Me: But can you elaborate?
Libbey: You mean like say more?
Me: Yes, and you are a genius.
Libbey: He plays with us, he watches Scooby with us, he lets us help wash the cars, and he gives us baths. Can I go finish watching Scooby?
Me: Yes, but first can you wish Daddy a Happy Father's Day?
Libbey: Thank you for being our Daddy. I love you. OK, can I type something now?
Me: Didn't you want to finish Scooby?
Libbey: Yes ma'am, but I want to write "I love you Daddy. Love, Libbey and Caroline."
Me: Done.
Libbey: OK, that's all. I really don't have much left to say.
Me: Believe it or not, sometimes Mommy doesn't have much left to say.
Libbey: (heaving a huge sigh) No, I don't believe that one bit.
Me: Caroline, do you have something special to say to Daddy?
Caroline: I got sand in the bath and it's shoooo nasty.
Me: You're correct. Tell Daddy "Happy Father's Day!"
Caroline: (laughing) You so silly. I am all better.
Me: Say, "I love you, Daddy!"
Caroline: Daddy give me an' Sissy a bath. I got sand in the bath.
Me: OK, well...I love you and we love Daddy, right?
Caroline: I go watch Scooby.
Me: Yes, you are very good at that.

Because I didn't get you a card, I hope this post is a sufficient alternative.

Happy Father's Day to my best friend in the wide world. And thanks for bathing Caroline twice in one day. That alone makes you the best father ever. Because, you know, she got sand in the bath. Now...let's all go watch Scooby and celebrate. I love you forever.


Kelly said...

much better than a card. did you know they want SIX DOLLARS for cards that don't suck now? you can get a quart of coldstone ice cream for that. i'm just sayin. happy father's day, scotty.

Sarah Mae said...

I love it! So sweet, so funny...

Heather said...

I love their sad faces and that conversation is priceless. Happy Father's Day!!

Carrie said...

I just was over by Heather, and I'll repeat myself here: There is nothing sexier than a good father in action.

insane mama said...

Look at those cuties!
Go watch scooby and have a great day!

TentCamper said...

Girls of MANY WORDS! I love it. They are very sweet. Hope you guys have a great day....and let daddy take his nap....we love those!!!!

LaQuintamomof3 said...

Love, love, love it! I agree with the prior comment- great dad=hot man!
Happy Father's Day.

Pinky Roth said...

Libbey is so much wiser than her years for sure! Caroline is precious as well. I love my 2 grand daughters and my grandson also. Hope Scott has a wonderful Father's Day! I cooked Eric and your dad's favorite meal today. I fixed my meatloaf, homemade mac 'n cheese, and butter beans! Yummy...



swile67 said...

out of the mouth of babes!!!

Mama's Losin' It said...

Awww, super cute!

Kristen Schiffman said...

Too cute. Nothing like love from the Scooby watching kiddies.

Christie said...

what a sweet conversation.
and the cute!

iPost said...

Brilliant! I will have to interview my kids one day. And just in case you didn't know...Caroline got sand in the bath. :0p Ewwww!

TheRightWife said...

I can't wait to embark on the journey of parenthood :) You give wonderful tales of times to look forward to! Thank you :)

Scott said...

Well, I must say that I am the proudest father that has ever lived! I have the two most wonderful babies EVER and also have the most wonderful wife EVER. I love you Leigh Anne, Libbey and Caroline!

Teri said...

What a striking family resemblance - pouty lips and all!

I hope your day was excellent.

scargosun said...

The sad faces are too funny. Only one person looks truly sad though. Must have been the sand.

Dena said...

Too sweet. I wish mine could stay their age forever so they couldn't tell mommy how much she talks ;-)
The picture is priceless.

Mrs. R said...

LOVE the picture. And LOVE that my DIL calls you ma'am... oh that is so good. Will remembers sometimes, but not being brought up down there, it's just around all the time..

I know you love him forever. I love mine that way too.

Debbie said...

Ma'am that is so funny...and can I watch Scooby with you!