Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer Reading.

Now that summer is really, truly officially here it's time we all get our beach reads on. One doesn't have to be at a beach to enjoy really good prose, however it does add immensely to the joy of devouring the printed word. My most favorite indulgence is a beach, a book, a wide-brimmed hat, Coppertone SPF 45, a cold drink, and my chair sinking in the sand, just barely in the surf. Sure, I have to move it frequently to match the the tide, but when you're living this dream what's a little shifting between friends?

Please allow me to share with y'all a fabulous summer reading list. With a twist. Everything's better with a twist, y'all...even a mere list! I'm gonna let you in on some of the best reading you'll do all summer long, written by authors not found on the shelf at Barnes and Noble...yet. But they are must-reads, and I think the internets deserve to give these gals a great big sloppy smooch, full on the mouth. Ok, full on your computer screen.

I'm gonna lead y'all out of Lulaville for a while, but you gotta promise to come back soon. Especially to thank me for giving you such fine reading material. You're welcome.


My girl Melissa is super talented, super hilarious, super beautiful, and pretty much just Super Woman. She's very humble and rarely likes to talk about herself. But I love it when she reluctantly opens up and puts her life out there for her fans, because she is flat-out hysterical. One day Melissa is gonna be famous. Like magazine cover famous. While I'm managing her merchandising table at one of her concerts, I'll be able to wipe the sweat off my brow, make small talk with the little people and say, "Yes, I will be sure to pass on your love...but I'm sorry, Mrs. Radke no longer dines at P.F. Chang's...sorry, but thankyousomuch!"

Melissa's posts are all brilliantly humorous, but this one touched my heart in manner that forced me to seek God and His wisdom, while also reminding me to be thankful for His gifts. It also drew me to her side forever. She's still trying to shake me off, but darn it, Melissa Lee...I ain't goin' nowhere. Please pass the Julio's already.


Have you ever met someone new and within a matter of seconds you're slappin' your head, exclaiming, "Where have you been all my life?" If you've never experienced this phenomena, I am truly sorry. Because it's a wonderful thing. I felt this way the second I "met" Heather and began stalking her famous blog. I can't even begin to list her many redeeming qualities, because we all know I tend to ramble on and on anyway. And I'd rather just call her up and say, "What are you doing?" and launch into a 2 hour discussion on Star Trek, urban lingo, tattoos, poopy pants, vampires, raising daughters (and being incubators) and busting a move. Sometimes it's just easier to pick up the phone.

I'll just put this out there: You need to be reading Mindless Junque. Today. This very minute. Go now. Thank you. Here's one of my favorites from Heather. It personifies the chaos that exists in my house, too. But she's a much better storyteller, and I literally had tears in my eyes while reading.


I can't mention Heather without showing love to my separated-at-birth-sister, Mrs. R. I met Mrs. R via Heather and it was another one of those head slappin' moments. Since falling in love with Mrs. R (in a non-lesbian kind of way), not only do I have a serious desire to french her full-on, Hollywood movie style (in a non-lesbian kind of way), but I've also prearranged my eldest daughter's marriage to her son, The Boy. I'm thinking our kiss at the reception will rival any smooching between our children. Mrs. R, my took 33 years but thank God I found you! Would it be cheesy to say we now have the rest of our lives? No? Good. 'Cause I said it.

Have any of you ever had a physician describe your girly region as "great looking?" 'Cause Mrs. R's is fabulous. A hot-to-trot ob/gyn told her so. Take that, ugly tooties.

I have a wonderful reading list over there on the right,--go on, check it out when you have some free time. I love and read each of my blogroll's offerings every day. About half of those people I know in "real life," and some of them were even in my high school graduating class. My friend, Vicki, has always been beautiful, well-spoken, highly intelligent, and completely down-to-earth. But the older we get (sorry, Vicki, but we gotta own up to it!) the more she fascinates me with her talent (check out Sew Petit for all your gift-giving needs!), her widsom, and her humor. It's a blessing for me to spend time with her every day, via this wonderful world of blogging.

Near the beginning of the year (actually on our daughters' birthday--my eldest turned 6, her youngest turned 1!) Vicki surprised her husband by giving him the Jolly Green Giant as a bedmate. For a while I was waiting to receive the news of impending Baby Green Beans...alas, it was not to be. Vicki paints visual pictures better than anyone...


I have to give one more must read shout-out to the woman I refer to as my Fairy Blogmother. I met Debbie during my early blogging days and instantly fell in love with her. With zero shame I begged her to be my friend, because I knew she had to be a part of my life. I say that in a non-Hallmark card kind of way, too. We are now BFFs and she fulfills this title perfectly, offering encouragement, giggles, wisdom and love. She is Genuine with a capital "G." Debbie is the big sister I never had, and I'm so thankful she allows me to pick her brain, ask her the tough questions, and generally pester her to gift me with just a smidgen of her vast knowledge. And we don't have to share a bathroom, clothes, or the car, so it's my dream big sister scenario!

Does anyone else in the world love Captain and Tenille? Debbie and I do...because "love will keep us together." Is anyone else old enough to remember vinyl? We do! And now y'all know why we are BFFs. For real.

How awesome is it to find great reads on the net? Save yourself the trip to Books-A-Million and give these gals a look-see. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Come back again soon, as I have more, more, more good authors to share with y'all. Because that's the kind of person I am. If I could reach through Miss Pretty Pink's screen and hand y'all a big ol' glass of sweet tea and a fried doughnut, we could visit and just have ourselves a good time. Then we'd fall into a sugar coma & sleep for hours, but hey...that could be fun, too!

*And before anyone says, thinks or comments along the lines of, "She totally ripped off the SITS site!" I just want it to be made clear: The SITS founders gave me their permission and blessing to share my love of them with y'all, and I didn't even have to beg. Because that's the kind of people they are. Melissa--pass the mayo--my fries are needin' some lovin'.


Debbie said...

I am truly truly humbled. You know I love you and that I will always always be back. You had me at Captain and Tenille....

Anonymous said...

You're awesome :) Thanks for outing me in all my greenness! And please hold your tongue, no more babies for this household, green or white.

I must go, I have some reading to do.

KimmyJ said...

I love the same bloggers you do, fancy that?

Kat said...

And there is one on your list I have not checked out yet. Shocking. But, blog list is huge now. My other reading seems to be falling by the wayside. Oh...and my number came up at the library...I have The Host in my hands. How is "Dark Lover" going for you?

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

You are too fun. May I add you to my "who I'm reading" list?

Melissa Lee said...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
It's so funny you think Stretch Marks is fabulous...
Cuz guess what? I do too!

Thanks lovely Lula.

Melissa Lee said...


Put your pink thing up and enjoy your family. Quit leaving me posts and smear some more babyoil and iodine on yourself.

Uhhhh...that sounded weird.

Melissa Lee said...


Put your pink thing up and enjoy your family. Quit leaving me posts and smear some more babyoil and iodine on yourself.

Uhhhh...that sounded weird.

Swirl Girl said...

Good on ya mate!
I love reading these lovelies and yourself as well. I figured out how to attach my own blog roll in which these are all included. I am addicted to "this thing called blog, I just can't handle it"

at least it doesn't leave track marks like my other addictions....(only kidding ;)

Anonymous said...

ohh, can't wait to read some of these - some I have already been following!!


Mom o'Bean said...

As luck would have it, I read most of these already but haven't checked out This is the Life yet. So add one more to my growing list of people I can't get enough of.

Sissy said...

I love all those blogs too! What great taste you have, Lula. Stretch Marks cracks me up..nothing that funny ever happens to me!

Mamahut said...

Nice post there, you got all the great ones in there! Have a great day!!

Angie said...

I always love finding new, great reads! I'm off to explore...